SciTech Student Receives Star Award

Written by Liz Florian from Riverset Credit Union:

We received a very warm welcome from the students at Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy as we honored Kevin Williams Jr. with a Riverset Star Student Award. Kevin was nominated by Instructional Teacher Leader, Dr. Edwina Kinchington (Dr. K) and his parents were on hand to celebrate his success.

This gifted young leader is focused on excellence in the classroom, within the community and on the football field. For the past three years, his focus has been on the Body and Behavior curriculum offered at Sci-Tech which studies the body systems from a biomedical technology standpoint. Kevin aspires to become a Physician Scientist and there is no doubt that he will accomplish this goal.

Kevin was accepted into the nationally acclaimed STEMPrep program sponsored by the Distance Learning Center. This 10-year program helps train young scientists of under-represented minorities for careers in healh related sciences. He has participated in research projects including working with Dr. Craig Hooper at the Thomas Jefferson University College of Medicine and most recently with the National Institute of Health where he received outstanding marks from his mentors. For his senior research project (Executive Experience), he is working with Dr. Matt Nicotra at the University of Pittsburgh Department of Transplant Surgery to analyze the structural biology of proteins involved in allorecognition and tissue rejection.

Kevin has logged over 387 hours of community service! He tutors middle school students in math; visits and decorates local nursing homes for the holidays and raised money for typhoon victims in the Philippines.

Congratulations Kevin!