SciTech Students Attend CMU AlphaGear Lab

Recently it was National Robotics Week in the Pittsburgh Area. At Carnegie Mellon’s AlphaGear Lab, student representative’s grades 6-8 from PPS Obama, CAPA, SciTech, Ellis and Winchester Thurston attended the event. This trip highlighted the important contributions local companies and universities have made to the fields of engineering and computer science through robotics. This event was also used to showcase aspirations these places hold for the future. Opening remarks were made by our very own, Mayor Peduto. He emphasized the importance of promoting STEM education early in schools through robotics courses and competitive forums. He believes this will give the city an advantage in becoming a major source of progressive and innovative technologies for the future in the United States. Students participated in grade level collaborative workshops in which they were given insight into 1 of 3 newest robots. Later, they were extended the opportunity to navigate these robots in competition. Student’s efforts were rewarded at the end of the relay as they watched their teachers become draped in water and confetti. Below are the media links that include interviews and activities our student representatives shared in.

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