Statement from Mr. McNeil Regarding Dress Code Changes

Hello SciTech Families,

You may already be aware of the revisions that have been made to our school dress code. The SciTech Dress Code has been one of the most polarizing policies for students and families over the past seven years. We have already received positive feedback for the changes and some concerns.  Each year, in effort to consistently and impartially enforce the policy, the administration and staff has committed a significant amount of time discussing the language of the policy, specific clothing/shoes that are appropriate, procedures for enforcing the policy and consequences for noncompliance to the dress code. Previously, we have given opportunities for families and students to provide feedback regarding the policy, but we continue to spend a meaningful amount of energy addressing the inequities of enforcing the policy. When considering our goals related to eliminating racial disparities and accelerating achievement, it has been determined that it is in the best interest of our students to spend this energy and time focusing on the culture of learning and relationship building among students and adults.

Please be aware that the changes to this policy do not require school board approval and we did not conduct a survey requesting feedback about this change, as we have regularly received both positive and negative feedback regarding the dress code every year. Finally, it is clear to us that the benefits of enforcing a strict business casual dress code are outweighed by the level of tension that it continues to create within the school and the amount of energy and attention given to monitoring the policy in an equitable manner. Please note that we continue to recommend that students follow the business casual dress code, but students and families should review the updated Dress Code in order to be aware of the expectations for appropriate dress. We appreciate the feedback that we have received regarding this policy and are looking forward to the start of another school year in just a few short weeks. Have a great day!

Mr. Shawn McNeil