SciTech Students Participate in Hamilton Education Program

On January 25, SciTech students participated in the Hamilton for Education program along with more than 40 other schools from the Western Pennsylvania region that culminated in a Q&A with the cast and a matinee performance of Hamilton. In order to participate in the program students had to create an original performance piece referencing primary source documents from the founding era. From the submitted pieces the 14 strongest were chosen to be performed live on the Hamilton stage the morning of the show. Seniors Riley D, Alex R, and Lucca S were among those selected to perform. Their piece was a tribute to Aaron Burr and a look through his eyes at his famous duel with Alexander Hamilton. Senior Shane C did not perform with the group, but was key in editing their initial project and in engineering the music.

Find the video at the link below and scroll down to find the SciTech video.
Password: hamilton