Letter from Mr. McNeil

Dear SciTech Families,

The challenges presented to families and school districts across the nation because of COVID-19 have been unprecedented. Yet, we have seen how our students continue to meet the expectations for continuous learning and engagement with teachers at SciTech. Since we transitioned to at-home learning April 16th, I have been pleased to hear feedback from our teachers noting the consistent engagement of students in the learning activities being provided. The support that parents are providing to ensure that students continue to remain engaged in learning has been essential during this time of crisis. We all know as educators and parents that our expectations for students influences student learning even more than a student’s own motivation.

Please note that the hardships that families are experiencing during this time was a major factor when deciding to implement the grading guidelines for the fourth quarter. The grading guidelines shared last week also take into account students’ equitable access to the district provided activity packets and lack of technology resources for all students. However, SciTech students are in a unique position within the school district given our access to technology and use of tools that support the continued engagement of all students in remote learning.

The district announcement last week included an emphasis on all students being expected to engage in PPS Remote Learning. SciTech students are able to connect with their teachers regularly in order to receive direct support. I encourage all of our students to continue to reach out to your teachers and engage in learning with them during this time. Your teachers are committed to ensuring that you are prepared for what comes next, so continue to take advantage of the opportunity given to you as a student at SciTech. My expectations for you have not changed and I am committed to my responsibility of ensuring that all students are staying engaged in learning during this time. Please do not let any grading guidelines cause you to settle as a student and ultimately miss a chance to benefit from the learning opportunities available to you.

Our goal is to continue to support all of our families who are dealing with different stressors and challenges during this time. I am encouraged by seeing our students connect in new and creative ways with teachers and persist in their learning. I am confident that this experience will help us grow as educators, learners and people. I know that our students will be successful as we support one another with the implementation of this new learning model. Thank you for all of your efforts to support learning in the home. Have a great week!

 Mr. Shawn McNeil