Classroom Resources for Families

The information below will help you with logging your student into Moodle and Office 365, two of the most used programs at SciTech. In addition, teachers have many individual classroom resources that they would be glad to share with you as needed, please reach out to them directly.

Logging into Moodle 
Go to this link: Moodle
Username: stfirstinitiallastname# (example: stjsmith4)
Password: student ID # without 00  (example: 4432099)

Logging into Office 365 (Email, OneDrive, Web Versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
Go to:
Username: (example:
Password: student ID # starting with st00 (example: st004432099)


Please dial 412-529 and the extension below to reach the individual staff. Email addresses end in

John Antonucci 7681 jantonucci1 Library Science
Maurice Bajcz 7648 mbajcz1 Computers and Connections
Jeffrey Bland 8545 jbland1 Computers and Connections
Katherine Blandino-Nienhuis 7464 kblandinonienhuis1 MS Math
Marlene Cabiness 7954 mcabiness1 Special Education
Susan Dalessandri 7641 sdalessandri1 Spanish- ITL
Jonathan Edwards 7655 jedwards1 MS Communications & Social Studies- ITL
Matthew Ferrante 8496 mferrante1 Music
James Gouker 7638 jgouker1 Art
Juliette Hill 7651 jhill1 HS English
Tyler Hofer 8598 thofer1 HS Humanities
Britni Hoffman 7640 bhoffman1 HS Math- ITL
Timothy Howells 8897 thowells1 MS Science
Oscar Huber 6206 ohuber1 Spanish
Edwina Kinchington 7647 ekinchington1 Body & Behavior Concentration- ITL
Craig Kozminski 8498 ckozminski1 HS Science
Henry Lancet 7642 hlancet1 HS Science
Julie Lazzaro 7696 jlazzaro1 HS Math
Robert Lingg 7639 rlingg1 Physical Education
Ilene Marshall 7645 imarshall1 HS English & Post-Secondary Prep
Jennifer Miller 7650 jmiller2 HS Humanities
Michael Miller 7649 mmiller3 Form & Function Concentration- ITL
Wendy Moore 8506 wmoore1 MS English & Social Studies
Dana Navaroli 7633 dnavaroli1 MS Science
Shelbie Nocera 8584 snocera1 MS Science
Wendi Obritz 7518 wobritz1 HS Math
Cristina Perris 8605 cperris1 MS/HS Math
Christina Reiser 8526 creiser1 HS Math
Casey Reynolds 7644 creynolds2 HS English
Paul Ronevich 7631 pronevich1 Environment & Energy Concentration
Brian Rose 7632 brose1 HS Science
Reese Schoy 8918 rschoy1 MS English & Social Studies
Kevin Shevitz 7658 kshevitz1 Physical Education
Heidi Simpson 8396 hsimpson1 HS English
Anna Skoda 7635 askoda1 HS Math
Christopher Sparacino 8898 csparacino1 HS Science
Angela Stubbs 7656 astubbs1 Special Education
Marianne Telesca 7809 mtelesca1 MS Math
Stephanie Theuret 7652 stheuret1 Business Technology & Post-Secondary Prep