Home Access Center (HAC)

The Home Access Center (HAC) allows families to monitor their students grades and attendance online. Click here to learn how to access the HAC.
Gradebook Updates:
SciTech staff updates grades at least weekly and will contact you if your students grade falls below a C. Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions or concerns about your students progress.
To Request Access: 
Send an email to stheuret1@pghschools.org with your students name, grade and your full name. Login information will be sent within 48 hours.
Login Issues?:
If any of our families that have already received their account information are having issues logging in, please contact the Parent Hotline at 412-529-HELP or parenthotline@pghschools.org.

Grading Consistency in HAC

Code Meaning
Z The score is currently calculating as a zero in the gradebook but the assignment can be made up. The number of points that the student can receive by turning in the assignment and the amount of time the student has to turn it in is determined by each individual teacher
0 The number zero indicates that the score is zero and the assignment cannot be made up.
X The letter “X”  means that the student is exempt from the assignment, it is a neutral assignment score and it does nothing to the overall course grade for the student.
MIN The code of MIN means that the student scored below a 50% but that the 50% rule was applied and they received the minimum possible score.
A blank indicates that the score has not been entered in the gradebook yet for an assignment.