School Information

SciTech opened in August 2009, initially the school was grades 6-9, a grade level was added each year and in August 2012 SciTech reached its full capacity of grades 6-12. A unique curriculum designed by subject experts, a carefully crafted schedule including opportunities for advancement and support, and a shared commitment by students, families, and faculty, prepares students for the most exciting opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math.


Address 107 Thackeray Street Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone (412) 529-7620
Fax (412) 622-5991
Magnet Science & Technology
Hours 7:11 AM – 2:46 PM
Principal Mr. Shawn McNeil (412) 529-7620
Assistant Principal Dr. Darlene Corris (412) 529-7620
Counselor Ms. Nneka Shelton (412) 529-7620



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