5P’s at SciTech

The 5P’s at SciTech

Be Prompt

– I am ready to work when the bell rings.

– I turn in my work on time.

– I follow directions immediately.

Be Prepared

– I come to class ready to work.

– I do my homework assignments.

– I study for exams.

– I dress appropriately.

Be Polite

– I listen and speak respectfully.

– I allow others to express themselves.

– I respect others’ personal space.

– I give compliments.

– I criticize constructively.

Be Productive

– I participate actively in class.

– I work to the best of my ability.

– I work from bell to bell.

– I work with team members.

– I complete my class assignment.

– I produce excellent work.

Be Positive

– I believe in my ability.

– I encourage my classmates.

– I take pride in myself, my work and

my school.