Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy is to provide daily opportunities for students to Dream, Discover and Design. Students will develop the skills and knowledge necessary for post-secondary success in all disciplines with a focus on the STEM-related fields of life science, environmental science, computer science or engineering. The school prepares students by providing a rigorous curriculum that requires advanced coursework and is characterized by excellent instruction, exploration, and a commitment to achievement.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make SciTech more than a school; we want to be a launching pad for ideas, for the architects of future technologies, and for success for every student.

The measurable outcomes for our students? At SciTech:

  • Every student succeeds in advanced coursework
  • Every student selects a specific postsecondary opportunity before graduation
  • Every student demonstrates the ability to dream, to discover, and to design