Student Services

The Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy Student Services Department will work in conjunction with teachers, families, students, and other staff members to maximize student achievement. The Student Services Department will provide all students with the academic, career, and personal/social development needed to acquire the attitudes, knowledge and skills needed to become well-rounded, globally competitive, compassionate, and confident life learners.  Our goal is for our students to live fulfilling and resilient lives and to make a positive difference in school and our community.


Student Services Contacts:

Ms. Nneka Shelton- Counselor

Phone: 412-529-7620
Fax: 412-622-5991

Ms. Shelton is available to see all students who have proper authorization (hall pass) to be out of class.  Family participation is invited and encouraged at all times.  Ms. Shelton is available to assist with class schedules, PSAT/SAT/ACT test preparation, academic planning, study skills, personal/social counseling, for clarification about options/programs/services offered at SciTech, to talk about your education or career plans, for information about colleges and universities, vocational programs, military services and scholarships/financial aid.  All meetings with Ms. Shelton are confidential.


Mrs. Holly Eidinger- Social Worker

Phone: 412-529-7620
Fax: 412-622-5991

Mrs. Eidinger is available to see all students with proper authorization (hall pass) to be out of class.  Parent participation is encouraged and invited.  Mrs. Eidinger can assist with student counseling (any issue—examples: stress management, anger management, trauma exposure, leadership skills, peer issues, drug and/or alcohol issues), peer mediations, bully reporting, crisis management, homelessness, Student Assistance Program, coordination with outside services (Big Brothers Big Sisters, Be a Middle School Mentor, School Based Mental Health Services from Mercy Behavioral Health).  All meetings are confidential.


Mrs. Bridgetta Devlin- School Nurse 

Phone: 412-529-7654
Fax: 412-894-2973

Mrs. Devlin is available to see all students with proper authorization (hall pass) to be out of class.  She is available during the school day to assist with any medical concerns.  Mrs. Devlin provides health counseling, referral to school or community resources, and managing illness and medical emergencies.   Mrs. Devlin is unavailable during the 5th period block.  All medications that require administration during the school day must be given to the nurse practitioner in the original prescription labeled packaging and be accompanied by a signed order by your medical provider.  Medication Administration Forms are available on the Health Services website. All medications must be administered by the nurse (this includes over the counter medications like Tylenol and Advil).  All student visits are kept confidential.