SciTech Laptop Collection-IMPORTANT

As our entire school district is preparing for virtual learning for the first nine weeks of the school year, it is now necessary for us to collect all student laptops that were previously distributed. All SciTech students will need to return their laptops (Do Not Bring Your Charger) to SciTech on one of the designated days below. Student laptops will not work at the start of the school year if the appropriate updates are not completed on the laptop. Please note that any files that you have saved on the computer will be deleted, so you should save any of your important files.

Once all laptops have been collected and the necessary updates have been made a laptop distribution will be scheduled as soon as possible. If you are a new student and received a laptop while attending another PPS school in the spring, please return your laptop to SciTech as well.

Laptop collection will take place the following days/times:
  • Saturday, August 8th from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Monday, August 10th from 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Tuesday, August 11th from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Wednesday, August 12th from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday, August 13th from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Laptop collection will take place at the main entrance of the school on Thackeray Street. We are limiting the number of people entering the school, so only the student and/or one parent should report to the main entrance to return the laptop.

Prior to arriving:
  1. Remove all personal stickers and decals.
  2. Clean the device to the best of your ability.
  3. Have the information below attached to your laptop with a piece of paper, index card, or post it note:
    • Student’s Full Name
    • Student’s Grade
Thank you for your support and patience as we prepare for the opening of school in a virtual setting.

SciTech Summer Virtual Learning!

Let’s keep the learning going this summer! Prevent Summer Learning Loss! Prepare for Next Year!

🌞 SciTech teachers will be available to provide online learning opportunities this summer.

🌞 Research shows that high-quality summer programs can make a difference in decreasing learning loss and closing the educational and opportunity gaps. We want to ensure that our students keep learning this summer, so we are offering live classes with our teachers and learning activities for several courses. This opportunity is being provided at no cost to SciTech families.

🌞 We are asking that you respond to this link in order to sign up for classes. These classes will be offered one or two hours each week beginning Monday, July 6th. Teachers will reach out to the entire class to provide more specific course information (dates, times, etc.) once the class list has been determined.

🌞 We look forward to continuing our learning together this summer!


Become an ally today- join the SciTech BSU Challenge!

The SciTech BSU, would like to challenge you to do something. Be a visible ally. Be ready to have uncomfortable conversations. Show you believe that this crisis must end and that you support this cause.

Buy this shirt so people across the street can read it. Buy it today. Buy more than one. Then wear it. Don’t wear it to school during BSU events, or during Black History Month, but instead, wear it to your church, when you visit your family, and when you go to the store. Share these links with your friends and family so they buy one too!

Funds raised will go to the SciTech BSU and together the students will coordinate donations to organizations that support the cause.


Letter from Mr. McNeil

Dear SciTech Families,

The challenges presented to families and school districts across the nation because of COVID-19 have been unprecedented. Yet, we have seen how our students continue to meet the expectations for continuous learning and engagement with teachers at SciTech. Since we transitioned to at-home learning April 16th, I have been pleased to hear feedback from our teachers noting the consistent engagement of students in the learning activities being provided. The support that parents are providing to ensure that students continue to remain engaged in learning has been essential during this time of crisis. We all know as educators and parents that our expectations for students influences student learning even more than a student’s own motivation.

Please note that the hardships that families are experiencing during this time was a major factor when deciding to implement the grading guidelines for the fourth quarter. The grading guidelines shared last week also take into account students’ equitable access to the district provided activity packets and lack of technology resources for all students. However, SciTech students are in a unique position within the school district given our access to technology and use of tools that support the continued engagement of all students in remote learning.

The district announcement last week included an emphasis on all students being expected to engage in PPS Remote Learning. SciTech students are able to connect with their teachers regularly in order to receive direct support. I encourage all of our students to continue to reach out to your teachers and engage in learning with them during this time. Your teachers are committed to ensuring that you are prepared for what comes next, so continue to take advantage of the opportunity given to you as a student at SciTech. My expectations for you have not changed and I am committed to my responsibility of ensuring that all students are staying engaged in learning during this time. Please do not let any grading guidelines cause you to settle as a student and ultimately miss a chance to benefit from the learning opportunities available to you.

Our goal is to continue to support all of our families who are dealing with different stressors and challenges during this time. I am encouraged by seeing our students connect in new and creative ways with teachers and persist in their learning. I am confident that this experience will help us grow as educators, learners and people. I know that our students will be successful as we support one another with the implementation of this new learning model. Thank you for all of your efforts to support learning in the home. Have a great week!

 Mr. Shawn McNeil



Remote Learning Update from Principal McNeil

Hello SciTech Families,

We are looking forward to reconnecting with students this week through our new model of at-home learning. Our teachers have been preparing individually and collaboratively to engage all of our students in meaningful learning experiences and we will begin providing instruction Thursday, April 16, 2020. We know that the vast majority of our students are very comfortable accessing classroom content through Schoology and Google Classroom. We will continue to incorporate these tools to support at-home learning. For parents, much of this may seem new and unfamiliar, but students will be accessing resources at home that they have used previously. There may be opportunities for students to interact with their classmates and teachers using platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Students should expect to hear from each of their teachers by Tuesday, April 14, 2020. Teachers will share information concerning where students will be able to access the lessons and resources for their classes. Teachers will share their office hours with students so they are aware of the times that their teachers are available to provide support throughout the week. Please remind your child to check their email throughout the day and encourage them to be mindful of Remind text messages they may receive from their teachers. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher(s) if you need assistance with anything. Office hours are designed to support you and your child with at-home learning. Families can contact teachers via email. Our staff emails are available online at

Daily Attendance

Beginning Thursday, April 16th students will be expected to complete a daily attendance procedure with their advisory teacher. Each students’ advisor will share with his or her students the specific procedure that students follow daily in order to record their attendance. Students must complete their attendance check-in by 10:00 a.m. each day.

As stated previously, students will use many of the programs that they have had previous experiences with at SciTech, but families should address any program related questions to the student’s teacher. If the teacher cannot resolve the issue, they may refer you to our district’s support center. Students and families can contact the District’s Support Center at 412-529-HELP or submit a ticket at It is also important to share this information with your child’s teacher.

Thank you for encouraging your children to engage in the at-home learning that we are implementing. We recognize that our communities and families are experiencing challenging circumstances. I want to thank you for your continued support during this transition. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns.


Mr. Shawn McNeil