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Nondiscrimination – Transgender and Gender Expansive Students Policy

Nondiscrimination – Transgender and Gender Expansive Students

This policy further supports our school district’s commitment to removing barriers that prevent students from equal access to the educational program. We encourage all families to review this policy and discuss it with your child. A copy of the adopted policy can be found on the SciTech website as well as a Question and Answer Resource that provides answers to some commonly asked questions regarding this policy. As we continue to create a greater gender inclusive environment at SciTech, members of our Nondiscrimination Point Team are available to offer support to students and families. Please feel free to reach out to the principal or any member of our student services department and an appropriate person will provide support. here.

Q&A Resource
Nondiscrimination- Transgender and Gender Expansive Students Policy

Emergency Care Form

All students received Emergency Care Forms in their advisory on the first day of school. 

Consent for Medication Form 

This form must be completed by a parent/guardian for any medications to be administered.
Consent for Medication Form

If your student has a need for an Inhaler, Epi-Pen or other rescue medication please complete this form below. 
Rescue Medication Form